laupäev, 28. mai 2011

With best wishes... to Tampere workshop May 2011

 I have to apologize for the bad english, but I have promised to myself (re)start language studies:D

About my blogs. I live in big house with many nice neighbours:) Some years ago I decided start blogging. It was easiest way to see whole picture and remeber how everything looks from spring to winter. It is so easy to forget where you put those yellow flowers :D
It was the best  decision so far, because I have found so many new friends and I have learned lot from them. You can find their gardenblogs on the right side of my blog. (Google Translation :))
I am blogging about my small garden and when I travel, I take some pictures about gardens or landscapes (and of course about libraries :D) Because as library is all about sharing, so does gardening. (I could not find the right expression :S)
As gardener I am amateur and this is fun, because I can try so many things and life is very intresting. I have learned lot of about birds and insects and colors and landscapes and plants and people:) My biggest teacher is John Brookes, his books about gardening design and landscape are facinating.  From garden you can go to Space:D city space, library space, etc. Maybe I am a little obsessed:D It`s May after all...

My another blog I started because we have so many good books about gardening and landscaping and I just wanted to share :)

Thank you all for interesting week!

P S about blogs name. I wanted to use Garden of Hedgehog (Some lives in our garden), but it was taken, so I picked Kiskjasiil - direct translation is too creepy :D

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  1. Lovely garden and pictures! Thank you for sharing it. You can find pictures from my small city garden on my facebook profile. And yor English is veri good.
    Love from 'your hands'